Q: FreeBSD "fdisk"

Q: FreeBSD "fdisk"

Post by Berni Ern » Mon, 30 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Hi !
when installing FreeBSD with a boot disk ther is a wonderfull
(half-graphicallly) tool to partition the harddisks and to
create the slices - works great, no problems.

But after installation this tool is no longer available.
Why? This would make life much more easier when further
hd are to be installed or when changing partitions.

I tried to work with the boot disk tool but this is a little
bit dangerous because the installation process is hard to
stop at the "right" place.

I really love my FreeBSD and I daily thank all the people
who did the work. A good "fdisk" tools could be the i-point.

Comments are welcome.



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Q: FreeBSD "fdisk"

Post by J Wuns » Tue, 01 Oct 1996 04:00:00

      ^^^ Configure your newsreader, please.

Quote:> But after installation this tool is no longer available.


See also the new section 2.15 in the FAQ (it's been updated in the
sources a couple of days before, i'm not sure whether the Webserver
does already reflect this change).

cheers, J"org

Never trust an operating system you don't have sources for. ;-)


1. Why "fdisk /dev/hdb1" works but not "fdisk /dev/hdb"!?

        I am trying to make linux partitions on an empty second 170MB
Hard drive.  The drive has been low-level formatted, with
no partitions, and dos fdisk reports everything correct.  I
boot from slackware diskettes, and boot msg says:

check partitions:
hda:  /dev/hda1
hdb: bad partition table

Of course, "fdisk /dev/hdb" does not work, nor "fdisk /dev/hdb1".
(err msg: Unable to read /dev/hdxx).  Suprisingly, fdisk /dev/hda
also gives the same message.

Now, I go back to dos, create and dos format a 16MB partition on
the second hard drive.  Boot under slackware, and boot msg says:

check partitions:
hda: /dev/hda1
hdb: /dev/hdb1

Now, "fdisk /dev/hdb" still gives "unable to read /dev/hdb" msg,
but "fdisk /dev/hdb1" allows me into fdisk.  Unfortunately, it
gives total garbage when I print out contents of partition table
within fdisk (/dev/hdb11 through /dev/hdb12 are all defined with
physical/logical boundry errors).  But as "fdisk /dev/hdb1"
should not work, as /dev/hdb1 is a partition and not a device,
I am not suprised.  But why does fdisk try to operate on a
partition, but not let me operate on the device /dev/hdb????

Help! At wit's end... Any suggestions appreciated, as I am
getting nowhere.  I just want to create linux partitions
on my second hard drive (and I have no problems creating dos
partitions on that drive, so the drive seems to be recognized

thanks in advance,
Brad Miller

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