installing FreeBSD on a system with a RAID0...

installing FreeBSD on a system with a RAID0...

Post by Ray » Tue, 11 Jun 2002 12:32:50

Hi, I'm trying to move from Debian(Potato) to Free BSD but I can't seem
to figure out how to get the RAID controller on my ASUS A7V333 mobo to
be recognized. The controller is a Promise 20276 MBFastTrak133. One more
question should I expect any problems with my M$ Natural Keyboard (w/
USB hub built-in) or my wireless M$ Intellimouse Explorer?
Thanks everyone.

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My motherboard has RAID0 on it (Asus A7V133 with two drives which form the
raid0 array). I've installed win98 on it and seems to work fine.  I tried to
install FreeBSD 4.2 on it, but it refuses to boot.

How and where do I create the right partitions for BSD on my raid array?
And how can I do a fresh install on my raid array?


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