zebra and FreeBSD 4.5-stable

zebra and FreeBSD 4.5-stable

Post by Jarek Grana » Mon, 18 Feb 2002 06:16:25

Does anyone use zebra(for ipv6) at FreeBSD 4.5 ?
It doesn't work me. In FreeBSD 4.4 was all right.

I don't know what is it: ping timeouts, missing paths,
broken tcp(ipv6) connections....

I can't stand it. Any ideas?

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I have upgraded my firewall  using ipfilter with ipnat capablity.
Buildworld process went through smoothly.   But when booting with the
upgraded kernel, booting hangs at the "Local package initialization" ..but
if I hit CTRL-C, it will finish booting and let me log in, without user
intervention, it hangs.

The good part is the firewall allows traffic going in and out, does anyone
know how to get around this problem?

Thanks so much in advance.


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