Horrible gtk widgets.

Horrible gtk widgets.

Post by Dan Solomo » Mon, 09 Dec 2002 17:22:09

I just installed Galeon.  I like it a lot, but the checkboxes and radio
buttons are driving me nuts.  It is very difficult to tell what state they
are in.  Is there any way to change the widgets so that checkboxes and
radio buttons are rendered in a way that you can more easily tell what
state they are in, like perhaps actually having a check in the checkbox?

Dan Solomon


1. horrible gtk problem-missing scrollbars in apps!

I love my gtk/gnome apps, but ever since like gtk 1.1.11 from cvs and from
regular ftp sites(1.1.12 too) apps have been missing scrollbars in certain

Like gaim is missing buddy list scrollbar(yes, i've recompiled)
gtkfaim is the same way
gtkicq is missing the list scrollbar
xchat is missing the user list scrollbar in channels.

gftp is missing the scrollbar for directories

the list goes on...
why is this?  I've talked to people using the same gtk as me and programs,
and they dont have this problem.  I've tried uninstalling then
reinstalling glib, gtk, etc, but to no avail!
please help!

please reply via email:)
bye bye!

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