Solution Found: sendmail-8.9.1 DNS problems

Solution Found: sendmail-8.9.1 DNS problems

Post by Robert Chalmer » Thu, 30 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Make sure you have BIND-8 on your system. Put the libbind.a libarary in your
libdir, and compile sendmail-8.9.1 with -lbind, and NOT -lresolv. If you
already have a libbind.a in your libdir, don't overwrite it, unless you are
sure. The latest BIND-8 is better than bind-4.x anyway. Lots of fixes.

This also solves error messages related to DNS generated by the latest
qpopper4.4xxx as well. Recompile with -lbind, not -lresolv


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1. Has anybody got sendmail-8.9.1 going with 2.2?

Has anyone got sendmail-8.9.1 going with FBSD 2.2 yet?.

It compiles fine, but wont send mail out, as it falls over dns searches?
telling me that the server/domain cant be found?
When I know they are valid addresses...


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