pkg_add vr compiling

pkg_add vr compiling

Post by idodus » Tue, 25 Dec 2001 05:58:02


I'm running a web server on FreeBSD 4.4.

Since I need that php will support GD I had to compile php with the sources
of gd.

Now I wanted to add the analog package to review my access_logs.

but I couldn't add the analog package since I get the following error
"pkg_add: could not find package gd-1.8.4_4 !"

Now I checked the file location of the GD installation package and compared
them to my files ( which I got after the make install )

All files are at the same location besides the *.h files which the package
put under /usr/local/lib/gd and the make install puts under /usr/local/lib.
I created a sym-link to point /usr/local/lib/gd to /usr/local/lib, so I
guess now all the files are at the same place.

What can I do ? what am I doing wrong ? How can I fix this ( besides
installing the package which I don't know how it will effect the apache and
php )




1. DEC monitor VR 290-D3

evening all,

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a DEC monitor at auction, model no.
VR290-D3 ...naturally this came with no documentation at all, hence this

I wonder if any one has one of these beasts. It is a 19" colour monitor with
seperate RGB BNC inputs. I am after any knowledge or documentation, or just
plain help that any one can offer. In particular I was wondering what kind
of computer system it originated from, perhaps a VAX/VMS machine. Also, does
any one know if this is able to be attached to a 'standard' PC graphics card,
or does it require its own interface.

If any one is using this monitor or a similar one and feel that they can help
could they please contact me at the above address. Any advice will be
gratefully received. Thanks in advance.

        William Hargrove.

p.s.    I have tried Digital !!
p.p.s   Thank you.
William Hargrove        O       O       O       O      >o

Circum Crew        `------------/---------------/------------'
                               /               /      

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