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I am doing some work, and have hit a stumbling block.

I have a Microsoft Visual C library -- no source code.  ;-<

The library is COFF, and I need to link it with GNU.  

The library is OS independent.  

Can anyone point me in the direction of achieving my goal.

I have started recompiling ld to include various BFD's, however nothing
is working.

Would cygnus be able to support this endeavor?

Help ?!?!?!?!?




1. R4/PowerTowerPro225/installer.coff..coff..cofff...hak!

Hi folks,

I just received my R4 CD in the mail (hey, it only took 6 weeks, but at
least its here :o) )...

In a nut shell I can't get it to install on my Power Tower Pro 225 (IMS

With bootvars (1.3) I setup the boot-device to be fd:installer.coff,
input-device=kbd, output-device=screen, click write and save, then yes,
machine reboots OF kicks in - Happiness and joy? _erm_ sorta...

I've hooked a console up to modem port and can see what going on during
the boot process, and here's what happens;

- OF finds the installer.coff image on fd - this is good.
- installer.coff image loads and  then bombs when it comes to sending a

(oh yeah, its seems to have correctly identified the IMS/4MB card ok). problem I say to myself, I'll change the out-device to be ttya,
keep the input-device as kbd and proceed from there.

[PRAM is Zapped]

MacOS is once again lives, bootvars are open and being played with to
meet the aforementioned params, write & reboot, yes, machines reboots,
OF kicks in - Happiness and Joy? _erm_ no :o (

- just as before, output-device reverts to  'screen' ! ..what's up with

Consequently boot process hangs in the same place.  Either  Bootvars is
on krack and not saving params the way it should, or I've got a
installer.coff image with a "I want my environment this way or else"

[PRAM is Zapped once again] - > MacOS

Bootvars - > autoboot disabled,  W&S, Y, machines reboots OF prompt


input-device kbd
output-device ttya
 :o )   (no it didn't smile).

boot fd:installer.coff

Same results as before!! ...OF boot params are being ignored or
overwritten by the installer.

Has anyone else out there experienced similar issues to this? ...if so
how did you get around it?

I've tried passing different vmode params with Bootvars but they to are

Thanks in advance,

Mike :o)


"Reality creates virtual existence...
virtual existence in itself becomes a reality".

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