QIC 2 Tape causing reboot

QIC 2 Tape causing reboot

Post by Wayne Hemin » Thu, 07 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Can nayone help me, I have a QIC 02 wangtek tape drive, and sometimes, 3
out of 4 times, when I tar files to the tape the machine just reboots.

What can I do about this, or how can I find out what is causing it.



1. QIC-24 format tapes (qic-02 and qic-36 interface)

I'm looking for any information/drivers for qic-02 controllers and the
qic-24 format tapes.  I've been able to get the driver under Linux
(1.2.13) compiled, but without a formated tape to test it, I can't
verify if I got everything working or not.

Problem: I've no dos software to format a DC-600A tape in the drive.
Failing a driver for dos so I format the tapes, I would like the
information on the qic-24 format for the DC-600A tapes so I could
write a format utility for Linux.  Any help would be appreciated.
(a linux format utility would be nice also/instead)

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