Socks v5 Help Needed

Socks v5 Help Needed

Post by Gene Harri » Tue, 14 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I am attempting to install Socks 5 v1.0r9.  The package requires the source
distribution from NEC's website (socks5-v1.0r9.tar.gz).  When I visited the
website, NEC is distributing v1.0r10.

I attempted to compile the source for the new release, but the telnet client
refuses to link, with the complaint that ttytype is not defined.  I am
pretty sure this type definition exists somewhere, I just do not know which
include to reference.  If anyone has access to the old v1.0r9 source, or can
help me compile the latest version, I would greatly appreciate it.

Why am I needing socks?  Until I get my feet on the ground with FreeBSD
security, the server will remain behind my NT Proxy server.  I intend to
replace my NT proxy and NT web servers with FreeBSD, Apache and ipfw.

Gene Harris
Tetron Software, LLC

P.S.  If this is the wrong group for such posts, please point me in the
correct direction.


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