Accton EN2242

Accton EN2242

Post by John Wilso » Fri, 01 Dec 2000 12:49:02

Good day,

I recently purchased an HP Pavilion N5170 with a built in Accton
EN2242 based fast ethernet NIC.  I also have a cable modem and
would like to install FreeBSD over the net with this setup.  I
am unable to find out if this particular NIC is indeed supported,
and if so, if I would be able to install with the cable modem.

Before I attempt to do this, I was hoping to find out if anyone
else has attempted this, and if so, give me a heads up on any
problems that may be encountered.

Finally, if anyone else is running FreeBSD on this notebook, does
X-Windows have a driver for the video chipset, which I _believe_
is a savage based card?

Thank you for your help,
John Wilson