Smail and Deliver Problems

Smail and Deliver Problems

Post by D.M. Vicke » Sat, 21 May 1994 04:30:29

Hi All!
        This is a tip that I found that might help someone out there that has a
with Smail. My original problem was that smail kept bouncing all incoming
mail messages back to the postmaster (Not good for those that want to keep
touch by E-mail). I could send with no problems, I just couldn't receive.
        First step was to use finger to see it the mail address and the user
were the same. (Surprise they were). The next step was to create a
user ID and check if it works. (Very strange it does work).
        So what I have been able to figure out is that the "Deliver" program
all the uppercase letters in the User Name to lowercase so that "Deliver"
can't see any User Names with uppercase letters.
                The fix is to only use lowercase in User Names or some ambitious soul
could write a patch to allow Deliver to see uppercase letters as uppercase.
                Thanks for the bandwidth, and hope this helps someone out.

1. SMAIL problem: Doesn't deliver mail-forward problem.

        I'm having a problem with smail. It's not delivering mail. A look
at msglog shows "(ERR_112) director forward: alias database
/usr/lib/smail/forward: Database not found."

        I'm currently running 1.1.45 slackware, and smail version 3.1.28.
It used to work before, but not now after I've been trying to put myself
on the internet (currently between internet feeds.)

        Is this a common problem, or will I have to provide some more
in-depth information. What is the format of /usr/lib/smail/forward? Can
someone email me their forward file, or can you deactivate it?

        Much thanks to anyone who can help.

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