XMailTool resource file not found!

XMailTool resource file not found!

Post by kemps.. » Tue, 14 Jun 1994 19:26:10

Can anyone tell me where I can pick up a version of XMailtool
with the appropriate resource file - the one I have doesn't seem
to include it, or alternatively if somebody would send me their
resource file I would be very grateful.  On startup I get a
message 'Expecting: [XMailTool v2.0.2], Got: [0]'.

Thanks in advance,



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1. Xmailtool runtime error: app-default file not from same patch level?

Hi all.

I've just installed slackware 2.3 with kernel 1.2.8 from
InfoMagic.  I am trying to run the xmailtool app, and I
get the following error message:

App-defaults file is not from the same patch level.
Contact your system administrator to install a new copy.
Expecting: [XMailTool v2.0.2], Got: [0]

I've obtained the man page, and have no clue what this
means.  If anyone has this app running, could you possibly
shed some light on what this might mean.

Thanks in advance,


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