Yggdrasil install and Gateway 2000.. HELP?

Yggdrasil install and Gateway 2000.. HELP?

Post by Eric Kahle » Wed, 10 Aug 1994 12:14:30

        Thanx for reading this.  I recently purchased Yggdrasil's PnP Linux
and I can't get past the hardware config's during the installation.  It seems
that everythig is OK, the HD's get detected, the mouse, the sound card and the
CD ROM, but just as the CD ROM light begins to flicker and I think things are
really going to happen in just a second...........I get

                ISO9660 Extensions:RRIP_1991A
                VFS: Mounted root (iso9660 filesystem) readonly.

And nothing after that.  I have a
        Gateway 2000 486/SX 33Mhz
        WD 540, and WD 202 IDE's (540 is Master, 202 Slave)
        8MB RAM
        PS/2 type mouse
        Mitsumi CD ROM
        Phoenix BIOS

Any idea as to what's wrong???


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Trying to install Linux from infomagic CD on a P60 Gateway 2000.
It doesn't seen to matter which kernel I choose to install, for that matter
I can't seem to run any program from the lilo prompt (ramdisk|mount) because
I very quickly crash with some sort of virtual paging error.

Does anybody have any hints on what I need to override at the prompt so
that the install kernel knows how to access my IDE controller, i.e. I think
that the kernel can't see or access the hard drive.

From someone new to Linux.
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PO Box 25007, Lakewood, Colorado 80225                     303-236-0457 (FAX)

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