ioctl in mount command - where and how? Need to fix CD audio play

ioctl in mount command - where and how? Need to fix CD audio play

Post by Vladimir Stavits » Tue, 29 Nov 1994 02:44:42

Hi, linuxers.

I am trying to locate mount command source - so far with no success.
It might be i do not need it, though, if somebody knowledgeable enough
reads the following.

I have a problem with my CD ROM drive. The problem is not with mount,
though - mount works 100% fine. The problem is with xcdplayer. I have
this stupid NEC CD ROM, which is not supported by any audio play

Trust me, i checked them all: workman, workbone, X stuff - no luck :-{
One nice X Motif thing supports NECs, but my drive is too old, probably,
it's NEC CDR MV-2, and it's not in the list either.

The only tool supporting my drive is xcdplayer; it does work, but there is
one problem: occasionally, it hangs the whole system :-{ I think i know
when it happens. If CD is not spinning in the drive (i can see it) and
a click play button - i have to hard reboot :-{

That's why i'm looking for mount command source: mount never fails, so
i assume there is some ioctl for my NEC which i can send to make sure
the CD is spinning.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.



1. Playing Audio CD's with IDE-SCSI [fixed]

I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but with the basic
2.0.XX (up to 34) kernels, I couldn't play audio CD's on my IDE cd-writer
(HP7200i) when accessing it in ide-scsi mode (which is needed for the
writing functions). I'd get a message telling me that there wasn't a
disk in the drive.

A bit of digging in the source and experimentation revealed that the
same thing was happening in normal IDE-ATAPI mode, except that the normal
CD driver retried up to 10 times, with one second delays between retries,
when the CD drive reported not ready. As far as I can tell, the ide-scsi
driver doesn't bother with any retries, even when requested by the sr driver.
I'm not really sure about this, as the code in the ide-scsi driver is
rather obscure (to me at least). The upshot of this is that I've written
a patch to the scsi cdrom (sr) driver that does retries at that level with
a pause betweeen them, and I can now play audio CD's. I realise that this
probably isn't the right place to do this, but it seems to work and it
hasn't killed anything else that I've noticed.

Of course, I haven't remembered to bring the patch in from my home machine,
but if anyone's interested in it, email me and I'll try to remember it
tomorrow/soon. It's only about a dozen lines or so, based on 2.0.34.


Robin Glover, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading, UK.
To reply by mail remove the ABC from my mail address. These are my own views
and do not represent those of the University of Reading.

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