rlogin problem

rlogin problem

Post by Steven M. Gal » Fri, 12 Nov 1993 00:03:33

Hi all...

I'm having a problem with my rlogin and telnet.

I have a linux box with MCC .99.pl10+ installed which is not on a network
but I would like to be able to rlogin and telnet to other accounts on my
machine.  I have run /etc/install.net and (as per the NET-2-HOWTO) commented
out all lines of rc.net except the /etc/ifconfig lo and
/etc/route add localhost lines.  The HOSTNAME file contains "pacolopez" (my
machine name).  The /etc/hosts file contains:

                     pacolopez.smg.nt.com pacolopez

and resolve.conf contains :  domain smg.nt.com

I believe that is everything.
Now, my problem is that I log onto a VC as myself (smgallo) and I want to
rlogin to another account, say smgallo again.  I type "rlogin pacolopez",
it asks for my password, and logs me onto p0.  I get a message "POSSIBLE I/O"
when I log in.  Now, when I log out of the rlogin session, I am logged off of
the VC, not the rlogin session.  If I log in as root and do a finger, it shows
that I am still logged onto p0, but I can't get to that login.  If I am root
and type "rlogin pacolopez -l smgallo" it logs me in as smgallo and when I
logout I am back to the root account, as it should be.

I'm stuck on this one.  Any solutions?

Steven M. Gallo                         "If you don't expect too much from
SUNY at Buffalo, Dept. of Comp. Sci.     me you might not be let down.."


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I can telnet,ftp,rcp no problem. I have no problems with the earlier
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between the VAX and the Shogun that has this problem.
Can anybody help me to sort this one out please.

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