How to make the NFS server running?

How to make the NFS server running?

Post by Soenke Vo » Fri, 25 Mar 1994 04:31:59

Hi all!

Can anybody tell me how to make the rpc.nfsd running with Slackware 1.1.1
or newer?
I have read the NET2-HOWTO and couldn't find anything.
I uncommented all the SUN RPC-stuff in /etc/rc.d/rc.inet2 but the daemon
still tells me: Unable to register(NFS_PROGRAM, NFS_VERSION, UDP).

Any help would be appreciated.



1. Making a DOS-box NFS server...?

Hey!  I have Linux 0.99.15 running on my system with all net support set up...
I also have a DOS box hooked up in a 2-system network... I am trying to set up
Linux and the DOS box to allow me to mount the DOS hard drive the same way I
have my second hard drive automount upon bootup of Linux.  (I have a DOS and
Linux drive and my Linux box - the DOS drive automounts on boot... Sorry that
sounded so confusing...)  Anyways, I acquired the Crynwyr (sp?) packet driver
set for the DOS box, and installed Watt/TCP on it.  Then I got the PC-NFS
server drivers installed... Went into Linux and tried to set up the addresses
and such in the /etc/hosts file, then went into /etc/fstab and set up an nfs
mount entry for that server...

Reboot the DOS box with the packet drivers and TCP/IP and NFS stuff loaded...
Pc-NFS pukes... Try to reboot the Linux box, and it can't even *find* the other

Has anyone ever worked with this combination of packet driver/TCPIP/PC-NFS and
gotten it to work properly with Linux?  Any help would be greatly appreciated -
also, since I'm sporadic about getting onto news, email would be best if you
don't mind... If I get enough suggestions, I might try to throw a quick HOWTO
together when all the "magic smoke" clears... Assuming it does... ;-)


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