LILO w/ SCSI drive >1gig

LILO w/ SCSI drive >1gig

Post by David Brian O'Nei » Sun, 07 Nov 1993 02:49:15

Hi.  I have a 1.2gig SCSI drive as a second drive in my machine.  Linux is
installed in the last 250meg of the drive.  I have been trying to get LILO
installed so i can boot from the OS/2 boot manager.  However, my drive has

Quote:>1023 cyclinders so LILO won't work.

Is there any work around for this?  I have an Adaptec 1542C SCSI controller
which has an extended BIOS that rearranged the cylinders to have less than
1024 but the Linux 1542 drivers don't currently support this feature.

Any ideas?


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It sounds like that Linux is in a file above the 1023rd cylinder.
While Linux will read above cylinder 1023,LiLo won't since it relies on the
BIOS.When you restored your files,"vmlinuz" (or what ever you have Linux in)
was moved around so that at least part of it was beyond the 1023rd cylinder
limit.You should have a seperate partition that is totaly below the cylinder
limit and store the Linux kernal image there.

I think that's for translating BIOS problems.

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