To install linux

To install linux

Post by Wei-Yu Che » Sat, 25 Sep 1993 10:35:53

Hi, there

I am an absolutely beginer of linux. Of course I already read FAQ and HOWTO for
installation. My situation is following:

IBM compatible pc, 486DX-33
16 Mbs RAM, 117 Mbs harddisk (for DOS)
1 Gbs, SEGATE ST1120N/ND scsi-2 harddisk (100 Mbs partion for DOS)

From partition table
sda1 450 Mbs
sda2 300 Mbs
sda3 (extended) 64 Mbs
sda4 for DOS 100 Mbs
sda5 16 Mbs swap partition  
sda6 16 Mbs swap partition  
sda7 16 Mbs swap partition  
sda8 16 Mbs swap partition
(sda5-8 are all in sda3)
I have not decided how to partition the left hard disk memory.  

I do "mkswap -c /dev/sdaN <blocksize>" and "swapon -c /dev/sdaN", where N =
5-8, for each swap partition. Then, "mke2fs -c /dev/sdaN <blocksize>", where N
= 1-2, for both sda1 and sda2. Afterall, I use "doinstall /dev/sda1"
command to install
everything. Finally, the system ask me to put in a blank, high-density
formatted diskette. After doing so, I see some number show up and it say
everything is O.K.

After installing linux, everything seems
fine for me, I tried to boot from the SLS boot disk created during the
installation procedure. But nothing happened, I mean it keeps reading floppy
disk more than 5 minutes and does not respond even a word (The hard disk does
not have any moyion at all).

Then I tried to boot from hard disk with a1.3 disk, when LILO appears, I
pressed <alt> key and type in "harddisk root=/dev/sda1". It do really prompt
"loading from harddisk" though I see that it read something from floppy (a1).
After something appears in the screen, the system stop at following position:

Partion check:
  sda: sda1 sda2 sda3 <sda5 sda6 sda7 sda8> sda4
  hda: hda1
EXT2-fs warning: mounting unchecked file system, running 2fsck is recommend.
[EXT II FS 0.3c, 93/08/05, bs=1024, gc=51, bpg=8192, ipg=2016]
VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem)

I will appreciate any kind of help. Thank you!

- Wei-Yu Chen


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