Selection 1.5, mouse, and X.

Selection 1.5, mouse, and X.

Post by Christopher Linds » Mon, 28 Feb 1994 02:01:53

        I have a PS/2 mouse that I am using with selection and X...  It works
fine under X, and works fine under selection now that I got the new PS/2 patch.
Unfortunately, any time that I try to start X, it won't let me because
selection is running.  If I kill selection, I can start X.  
        A friend of mine has a "mouse systems" mouse, and he can run X
with selection running in the background.

        Any ideas?




1. Selection 1.5 + XFree86 1.3?

Hello fellow Linuxers.  I'm running alpha pl11 with selection 1.5 and XFree86
1.3, using a Logitech serial mouse.  Selection works well until I start X.
After that, Selection stops working; sometimes I can get a cursor to appear,
but it no longer follows the mouse, and quitting X doesn't help.  Killing and
restarting the Selection daemon makes it work again, but only until I start X
again.  Incidentally, I'm using a 100x40 console.  Could someone help?
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