XFConfig for Diamond Stealth 32 PCI

XFConfig for Diamond Stealth 32 PCI

Post by Sanja » Sat, 03 Dec 1994 21:12:41

   Could someone please mail me a working copy of XFConfig for diamond stealth
32 PCI card .  I have a CTX 1561 multiscan  monitor.  Even if someone has a
working copy to ren X in MONO using this card it would be OK for the time being
 Whenever I start X I get an error message saying " NO Screen Found"

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        I was wondering if anyone with experience using XFree 3.1 and
Linux can help me out. I am running Linux 1.1.91 (I think) on a
Gateway 486-66 with 8Mg. I have a DEC VRT17-HA monitor (which I think
is really a Sony trinitron). I installed XFree3.1 and borrowed a
Stealth 32 Config file from someone who helped me out. He also gave me
the freq program which I guess is supposed to tune the clocks from the
video card. When I changed the Config file and started X (startx) the
monitor first blanked out, a bunch of dots appeared, then it flashed
and went back to console mode with an error being displayed that the
mouse was busy..(/dev/mouse busy??) I'm pretty sure the mouse is OK.
I have a PS/2 style mouse.

        Can anyone help me out?


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