FTape errors: _ftape_big_buffer and _do_floppy undefined?

FTape errors: _ftape_big_buffer and _do_floppy undefined?

Post by Steven M. Ziuchkovs » Mon, 21 Nov 1994 17:35:42

I'm having trouble with FTape: When my machine boots up Linux, the last
thing it tries to do is boot up FTape. When it does that, I get two errors,
"_ftape_big_buffer undefined" and "_do_floppy undefined". Does anyone have
any ideas what could cause this?

This started when I compiled my own version of the kernel. First, it was
saying that it couldn't open /boot/ftape.o. I have fixed that by plugging in
the ftape.o-<patched-or-something-here> file from the slackware disk sets.
That fixed that problem, but now the one above is popping up.



1. ftape and _do_floppy?

Ever since I switched to kernel 1.1.88, I've had some problems compiling. One
of these problems seems to be with ftape, although I have heard noone else
complain about this (could it be I'm alone here?).
The kernel compiles fine, and so does ftape, bur when I try to load it (I've
got the new insmod), it says something about _do_floppy undefined symbol.
I've checked, and I know where it is defined
(/usr/src/linuc/drivers/block/floppy.c if I remember correctly), and it seems
to be in the vmlinux created by the compile for the kernel (at least that is
what nm says, if I'm interpreting it correctly). Is it not making it into the
zImage for some reason? Has anyone else had this problem? I'd like to make
some backups (It's been a while!), but I can't!

Info: Linux 1.1.88, gcc 2.6.2, libc 4.6.27, Conner 250 Tape drive, anything

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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