gcc stack frame layout for linux?

gcc stack frame layout for linux?

Post by David K. Pouls » Fri, 02 Dec 1994 00:51:40

Can anyone point me to docs (or tell me how to determine for myself)
what the stack frame layout generated by gcc/g++ under Linux is?
I also need the c-to-assy-lang call sequence / register conventions.

Please email me also if you post as my newsfeed is unreliable.




1. C Stack Frames with Sun and gcc

I've a question about the stack layout on a Sun (SunOS4.1.1)
for a C program compiled with gcc (2.6.1)

I've got a bug that only shows up when I compile with -O.
Since there's no debug info, debugging can be a real pain.
I can find global data and so forth using nm to give me
a symbol table listing, but this doesnt help me with
stack variables.

I'm doing post-mortems on the core file with gdb (4.13) and
I know I can look at the stack pointer, but I dont know
how gcc builds stack frames, so I cant follow the stack to
look at stack variables in routines higher up in the call tree.

Using printf() is not an option (for a number of reasons).

Any help is appreciated whether it be an explanation or a
pointer to some kind of documentation.


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