Linux on eisa\isa\vesa motherboards ???!!

Linux on eisa\isa\vesa motherboards ???!!

Post by ama.. » Fri, 31 Dec 1993 03:25:19

        I would like to know if there anyone using Linux in A.I.R eisa\isa\vesa

                                jorge Amaral


1. Linux on eisa\isa\vesa mo

A>    I would like to know if there anyone using Linux in A.I.R eisa\isa

I haven't tried it on an ALR not that I wouldn't mind. They're a gorgeous
machine. I'm running Linux (Yggdrasil Fall 93) on an EISA based AWARD bios
system with absolutely no problems. I've only 8 Mbytes and 480 Mbytes of
harddrive space but she seems pretty happy.

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