Upgrading harwrae and Alphabet soup!

Upgrading harwrae and Alphabet soup!

Post by Richard J. Procassin » Wed, 13 Jul 1994 23:00:48

Hey Linux Harware Gurus!

        I am comtemplating an upgrade to my now ancient system (3.5
years old), and I am somewhat confused by the capabilities of the
newer chips and buses.  So here's what I've currently got:

        386DX-25 on an ISA bus motherboard with 8 Mb RAM
        SVGA video card and monitor
        IDE HD/FD controller with 2S and 1P I/O ports
        14.4 kb fax/modem

I am interested in learning about the different capabilities of the
ISA, VLB and PCI buses, as well as the difference between 486DX and
486DX/2 chips.  If I were to upgrade to a VLB or PCI bus, what
peripheral cards would need to be replaced?  Maybe someone could point
me to a concise description of all of this in a book or magazine
somewhere.  If that's the case, then let me apologize in advance for
wasting net bandwidth.  Thanx in advance...

                                Dr. Richard Procassini
                                Methods Development Group
                                Mechanical Engineering Department
                                Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
                                Mail Stop L-122
                                P.O. Box 808
                                Livermore, CA  94551



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Hi people,

A local computer store (NCA) advertised a Diamond 3400XL for
$269.99 in their catalog.  When I actually paid them a visit,
they said that they ran out of that model but now carried the
newest 3400XLi for $48x.xx.  When I balked, they suggested a
comparable Matrox card for $350.  Aside from the price, if my
understanding is correct, Matrox cards do not run with XFree86,
which is currently unacceptable to me.

As far as I can tell, both Diamond cards are based on some
versions of the S3 968 controller, have 4MB of VRAM, and plug
into the PCI slot.  I checked Diamond's web site.  Unfortunately,
3400XLi was not found under the Stealth64 Video 3000 Series

Would a more knowledgeable person please shed some light on the
differences, if any, between a 3400XL and a 3400XLi?


Cheng Che Chen

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