help dip SLIP wil dynamic IP server

help dip SLIP wil dynamic IP server

Post by Steve Morr » Wed, 30 Mar 1994 01:56:17

I'm trying to connect to a dynamic IP slip server. I follow the Net howto
using dip -t. When I get to "mode SLIP" I get error "Network is unreachable".
I have no clue what this error means in terms of what I can fix in my config

Browsing sources suggests that this message comes from route.c. Since I don't
know what args ar passed to route by dip I am stopped there. Guess I need
to peruse dip sources. Any suggestions?

Then tried to use dip -iv and set up dip script hoping to get debug messages.
Again examining dip source I figure out that "get remote $local" is the magic
command to get IP from server. However when I make script and run dip -i I get
"(get) unrecognized". Seems that yggdrasil shipped with old version of dip
even though newer one is on CDROM in source form.

Then tried to compile new dip. Compile failed apparently because of some missing
manifest, I assume from a system header which must be too old.

Any suggestions are appreciated. I'm running out of ideas. If I could only get
this link up I would download the 1.0 distribution and hopefully my questions
would at least be more current. Unfortunately I may fail because of chicken
and egg problem.

I'm using the yggdrasil fall release which I was told was 99.14 but when I
examine my kernel sources seems to be 99.13.



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