Need advice on buying a system for Linux

Need advice on buying a system for Linux

Post by Gary Wo » Sun, 27 Feb 1994 12:04:55


   I am purchasing a Pentium system from GateWay (their Best Buy P/50) and
   am looking forward to installing Linux on it.  I need some advice/comments
   as to what I should get or not get in order for Linux to run smoothly.

   For example, I heard that Diamond video boards should be stayed away from
   if one wants to run color Xwindows.

   I have a few specific questions:

   1)  Will the new PCI bus bother Linux at all?
   2)  Is 8M RAM sufficient (due to faster PCI data transfer, will
       virtual memory swapping be faster?) - I want to run Xwindows.
   3)  I have my choice of the Diamond PCX or the ATI PCI (called AX0?)
       video card with 2M VRAM - should I stay away from the Diamond?
       BYTE mag (2/94) mentioned that the Diamond PCI card worked better
       then the ATI PCI and the IGP64 PCI cards, but of course they
       didn't use Linux.
   4)  Had anyone installed Linux successfully on a Pentium PCI system and
       if so, any comments or suggestions?  What kind of hardware do you

   I have another week to change my order, so
   ANY other comments regarding hardware considerations (even comments on
   Gateway) would be greatly appreciated.

   or/and post.