login hang(on telnet)

login hang(on telnet)

Post by Terence T » Thu, 28 Apr 1994 18:35:12

Once in a while, the login program will hang on a telnet client.. The
only way I solve this is to reboot my Linux 0.99pl14 server... Is this
a known problem??? Is it solved yet.. I have been putting off upgrading
to 1.0.

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1. tty / pts problem: login, telnet, etc hangs


since upgrading to 4.2.1 and installing y2k-patches our 43p's regularly
stop accepting rlogin or telnet sessions after some time. Already
running sessions continue to work but any program that tries to open a
tty (e.g. "echo abc > /dev/console") hangs immediately and becomes a
zombie process.

I thought it might be a problem with the console device - as a console
we use a linux-system with 8-port multi-IO-card and a terminal emulation
for each port. So I tried several things to work around the error:
- set flow control none for tty0
- added tty-setting "clocal" for tty0
- temporarily reassigned console output to a file (/var/log/console.log)
- permanently reassigned console output to a file - the machine boots
without any output to any device

But the error still persists.

Just now, I try two other things:
- remove tty0 and tty1 with smit
- use other terminal cables for the no longer used console device - they
are tested with AIX 4.3.2, which doesn't even boot into multi user mode
with wrong cables.

Has anybody an idea?

Thank you Joachim Linnenberg

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