HELP! How do I print?

HELP! How do I print?

Post by David Churchil » Sun, 19 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I'm a LINUX newbie and I need help getting lpd to work.

lpd is loading with my kernel.  At boot time I see a message similar to:
            lp: lp1=0x0378 (polling) (this isn't the exact message but I'm
certain of the lp1 and polling part)

If I issue the ps -ax command I can see that the lpd daemon is running.

I have uncommented the appropriate section of /etc/printcap (for a HP laser
jet) and created the appropriate spool directory.

When I try to run lpr (e.g. ls|lpr) I get the following error:
    lpr: unable to get official name for local machine
I don't even get a flicker from the printer busy light.

Also I have no file lp in my /dev directory (I think I may have accidentally
overwrote it trying to redirect output to it).

So how do I get LINUX to print?  I have Slackware distribution 3.3 (with
kernel 2.0.30).  I have an Epson Action Laser 1500 (which emulates an HP
Laser Jet III si) and it is connected to LPT1 in DOS/Windows95.  I have also
read the Printing and Printing-Usage HOW TOs with no luck.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Dave Churchill


HELP! How do I print?

Post by Wes Harpe » Mon, 20 Oct 1997 04:00:00


Get apsfilter or magicfilter.. I've used both with success.  apsfilter has
some nice features like fitting multiple pages per sheet.. but the automatic
conversion is nice.. so you can just do lpr filename and whatever it is.. it
should print correctly.  If you messed up /dev/lp1, as root cd into /dev and
run MAKEDEV lp.  That script should recreate it for you.  I can't remember
which one it was.. apsfilter or the other, but on one I had to create my own
printcap entry.  I'm not sure about that error you get about the local
hostname or whatever.. maybe misconfigured network setup.. try running
netconfig again.  Then you might need to go back in and edit /etc/hosts,
/etc/resolv.conf or something.. just make sure that stuff is right.

Look for apsfilter and magicfilter at or in
the library files section.

Good luck,


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>I'm a LINUX newbie and I need help getting lpd to work.
>Thanks in advance for any help.

>Dave Churchill




I tried to install my HP deskjet 520 under Linux since a long time
but I always have a lot of problems

The last one is that when i start a job linux can't start the daemon
printer but i have followed the HOWTO for the permissions

I search the EXACTLY FILES and the GOODS PERMISSIONS that i have to
             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
use and if possible a GOOD FILTER for the HP DESKJET 520 printer
                      ^^^^^^^^^^^         ^^^^^^^^^^
(filter to solve the staircase effect )


I hope a lot of GOOD responses via mail only



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