CD-I (read) Driver under Linux (ATAPI-IDE)

CD-I (read) Driver under Linux (ATAPI-IDE)

Post by John Wilso » Sun, 19 Mar 1995 06:36:18

I have a ATAPI-IDE CDD-120 (Wearnes) already working under
linux 1.87.

Does any one know of a driver which will allow me to read
CD-I files - or can explain (with C examples) how I can
read *green* raw-sectors?

Many Thanks



1. ide-cd driver and ATAPI-IDE CDROM


I have a TEAC 2X ATAPI IDE CDROM installed on an IBM 755CD Thinkpad.

When I boot my system I often see the following:

hdc: media changed
hdc: status error: status=0x59
hdc: status error: error=0x64
ide1: do_ide_reset: success

Also, when I do an ls -ax I don't seem to get all the data read
properly, only some of the files under a directory will show at
times, but I cannot reproduce the problem with any consistency,
because a second or third invocation of the same command
seems to work fine.

I don't see any error messages, and /var/adm/messages indicates
that the cdrom is accurately identified upon boot:

Jul  7 10:12:52 darkstar kernel: ftape: allocated 3 buffers aligned at: 001e8000
Jul  7 10:12:52 darkstar kernel: hda: DVAA-2810, 773MB w/32KB Cache, LBA, CHS=78
5/32/63, MaxMult=16
Jul  7 10:12:52 darkstar kernel: hdc: DC4-E0, ATAPI, CDROM drive
Jul  7 10:12:52 darkstar kernel: ide1: secondary interface on irq 15
Jul  7 10:12:52 darkstar kernel: ide0: primary interface on irq 14

If anyone is familiar with this problem or has any ideas, please let
me know...

Maureen Lecuona

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