No entry in utmp - After Slackware install

No entry in utmp - After Slackware install

Post by Darren J Moffa » Fri, 12 Nov 1993 07:21:36

I've just finished installing Slackware on my new PC.

When I rebooted after setup had completed I had a few problems
/etc/rc didn't remount my root as r/w
when trying to log on as any user I am told that there is no
entry in the utmp file ?

Can any one Help

If you need more info then I'll post it.


1. No utmp entry (Slackware 1.1.0)

I had the system running beautifully for a while now. Then I messed up
_something_, and now I get them message: [paraphrase] No utmp entry,
must login as lowest level "sh". I can access my partition if I mount
it somewhere on the Slackware boot disk, and my /etc/utmp exists as
a 0 length file; I don't know what to do next.

It is a ~80Mb ext2 filesystem on /dev/hda2, I use another 10Mb partition
as swap to complement 8Mb RAM, and we are talking Slackware 1.1.0.



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