getting the delete key to work.

getting the delete key to work.

Post by Jonathan Boo » Tue, 15 Feb 1994 19:11:13

How can I get the delete key to work correctly, at the moment it behaves
like back space. I need to alter the behavour both on the command line and
when using emacs.

Jonathan Booth


1. getting Delete key to DELETE on RS6000

On the RS6000's I use, I'm trying to figure out how to get the Delete
key to be DELETE (I have erase set to ^? and I use emacs -- so I don't
want to use Ctrl-H for destructive backspace).  Currently, Backspace
and Shift-Backspace generate Ctrl-H, Ctrl-Backspace generates DELETE,
and Delete generates Ctrl-[ [ P (same as Esc [ P).

Looking through the documentation, it looks like I may be able to use
chkeymap, but I couldn't figure out how to use it (I couldn't find the
section of the manual which gave the keyboard position codes).  My
understanding is that each key on the keyboard has a keyboard position
code, so if I know the keyboard position code for the Delete key, I
could get the behavior I desire with a command like:

     chkeymap -tc -sb -kNNN -d127

(where NNN is the keyboard position code for the Delete key; 127 is
the ASCII code for DELETE).  Or perhaps I am misunderstadning how this
command works.

I would like this change to stay in effect when I use X also.

For when I use X, I tried to use xmodmap to change this behavior.  I
gave it the following command

     keysym BackSpace = BackSpace Delete

in the hopes that I could get Shift-Backspace to be DELETE, but all
that did was make Shift-Backspace generate Ctrl-[ [ P.

If anyone can tell me how to do this or explain how this key mapping
stuff works, I would appreciate it.


Milt Epstein
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois

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