serial probs

serial probs

Post by David Brando » Fri, 06 Jan 1995 10:44:54

i am trying to set up serial dial in access in linux.

 modem answers but uugetty returns segmentation error
 and drops the line.

 i can use minicom and dial out using the modem, and things
 seem to work..

 this dial in thing has me stumped.

  any ideas?



1. Mouse & serial Probs - Compaq

I have a number of problems:

At home I run Linux (currently Slackware 1.2.0) on a 386/33 with 8 Mb, etc.
Without any problems. Recently I connected a modem and configured it with
getty allowing me to dial in- and out. Everything OK.

At work I use a Compaq Prolinea MT 4/66 with 16 Mb memory, 3com 509 ethernet
interface, CD-rom etc. I installed the same software on this system. I
also installed Slackware 1.2.0 on a laptop (Compaq).

On both Compaq systems I am unable to get the mouse working correctly.
It is recognised by the system as a PS/2 mouse, but selection does not work.
When I enable the mouse and selection, I get quite erratic behaviour. (The
mouse cursor moves mostly at the right edge of the screen, but selects nearly
randomly parts of the screen...)

This is bad, but worse is that I CANNOT get any predictive behaviour from
the modem I connected to COM1 (/dev/ttyS0 - /dev/cua0).

In short I have the funny feeling that there is something wrong with the
way the serial port is configured, and interacts with the mouse.

Is there anybody who has a system like this without any problems ? Or
can somebody give me a hint ?


  Philips - Automation Technology phone: 31-40-735834
  Building SAQ,                   5600 MD  Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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