Linux TCP/IP and WFW 3.11

Linux TCP/IP and WFW 3.11

Post by rikre.. » Fri, 20 May 1994 07:46:40

Hello all.

WEll, I am at it again...

I am trying to network a 486 linux box and a Pentium windows for
workgroups box.  Ok.  I have MS-TCP/IP 32bit beta stacks, and Linux
Kernel 1.1.12.  Ok...

I am trying to use 2 intel-ether-express (16c)'s to net these two
together.  Also I want to be able to use the Linux box to SLIP to a local
internet provider.

I have all the stuff intsalled, but I keep getting "Network Unreachable"
errors.  I cannot connect t/from either of the computers.  

I have recompiled the Linux kernel with the support for the
Intel-Etherexpress cards and when I boot, I dont see anything about it
tho.  I am guessing that either I have a really rotten setup, or sumthing
is wrong with interfacing with the network card.

Can sumbody PLEASE help me....  I would even be willing to make a Long
distance call to talk to sumone who can coach me through this.

I HAVE gone trough the Faq's as well, but I am still lost.


Richard Rebel

Richard F. Rebel
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