1.0/ppp problems

1.0/ppp problems

Post by Chris Watki » Sat, 23 Apr 1994 01:47:48

I have slackware 1.0 and everything seems to work fine.
I applied the patch in linux-ppp-0.1.5 so that the kernel wouldn't
crash when the first charter was received, then everything seemed to work.
I even tried compiling the 0.1.4 version.
The problem is that ppp doesn't seem to forward packet properly to
the local ethernet.  slip does though.
I can ping and ftp from my remote machine to the linux machine, ftp back and
ping back to the remote machine (from linux).  My local ethernet interface
packet count increases 2 packets everytime I try to ping a machine
on the ethernet but
it never gets a response.  If I setup SLIP with the exact configuration
everything works fine... Anybody know whats up?
Chris Watkins

1. Dialup PPP under NetBSD 1.0 Problems.

Is your modem configured to assert the hardware handshaking control lines
properly, and are you using a cable that has those lines connected?
That's the first thing I'd check... beyond that, I don't know what might
be going wrong, but you could always have a cron task that pings the
address of the remote machine every so often and kills the connection if
it fails...

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