Help! Configuring Xfree86 for S3 chip..

Help! Configuring Xfree86 for S3 chip..

Post by JongAm Park (korn » Tue, 31 Jan 1995 11:39:41

Help me, please!!!

I'd like to use GUI with LINUX
But there are some difficulties for setting XFree86..( 2.1.X)
My video card has S3 chip and it is vesa local bus card..

The error messages are...

*** A configured device found, but display modes could not be resolved.

Fatal server error:
no screens found
xinit : No such fiile or directory ( errno 2) : unexpected signal 13

I can't find out what is wrong..

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1. Help with Xfree86 and S3 (C805) Chip


I have an IBM PS/Valuepoint with built into t) video subsystem on the
motherboard.  The thing is I cannot getXFree86 to work in anthing else
than the VGA-16 mode.

When I use the SVGA or S# server 3t either hangs (in the S3)
or the SVGA serve says no proper mode found.

Please help me to get this thing working, I bought a 1.6GB,HD 20 MB
RAM, a CDROM, and an EDIDE controller just to get Linux up and running
(I plan to develop some C++/SQL/Web stuff) . If I have to I will buy
a new card (any reccomendations ?). My computer has one VLB slot.


-- Subhendu

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