Post by Bob L » Sun, 09 Oct 1994 04:49:42

I'm trying to get Linux on my system and I'm hitting a major roadblock
when the root disk (color144) is being loaded into the RAMDISK. It loads
1200 blocks and then comes back with a RAMDISK I/O error.

I've got 16MB of RAM on my machine so I can't beleive it's running out of
memory. However, since I have Linux on 1.44M disks I have to use my B:
drive to install the software. I have a CMOS option that swaps the hardware
A: drive with hardware B: drive for booting purposes. I'm guessing that
Linux does not recognize this CMOS trick and thinks it's dealing with a
1.2M drive (which would explain why it crashes at block 1200).

Has anyone had this problem and found a work-around for it? I want to keep
my Linux installation on 1.44M media.


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Hello, world.

I am having some problems with my slackware 1.1.2. I wanted to Linux this
morning (new verb), but my root filesystem came up as read-only. So I
tried to boot with the bootkernel to be able to edit some files on my
root-partition. But after I typed mount root=/dev/sda2, which is my
Linux root-filesystem, I get the message Error 0x08. After that it
continuously tries to boot, but the same error message appears.

Then I tried booting the ramdisk, but no results either. In fact, the
same error message appears. I really don't understand this, because I
installed Linux with the same bootkernel flop.

I anyone has any suggestions, thanks in advance.

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