Help with OLD Adaptec 1540

Help with OLD Adaptec 1540

Post by Daniel Z. Davids » Thu, 06 Oct 1994 07:40:10

Several months ago, several people mentioned a problem with OLD Adaptec
1540(A) cards under Linux. Some people mentioned that it was because the
Older cards do not support Scatter/Gather mode(?). At that time someone
mentioned some patches that would make the board work with Linux.

Any Ideas where I can find the patches for the 1542 driver to make them
work with my 1540?



1. an old ISA SCSI controller (Adaptec 1540)

I have a couple of old ISA SCSI controller(Adaptec 1540*) and a SCSI drive.
In my maching, I have win98 running on a IDE drive and I would like to
install LINUX on the SCSI drive.  Since I've never used SCSI devices,
there are few concerns as listed below:

1. what do I do to make LINUX installer to recognize the ISA SCSI

2. What information about the controller do I need to know? i.e. IRQ, I/O
address, and so on.

3. do I need to format the SCSI drive before I start the LINUX

Um... that's all I can think of for now...


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