Xconfig for ATI Ultra+ (Mach32) card....

Xconfig for ATI Ultra+ (Mach32) card....

Post by Stanley Se » Thu, 03 Feb 1994 07:00:00

Could anyone teach me or give me the Xconfig for my
ATI Ultra+ (Mach32) graphic card.....
Without it I can't get X running.....

Thank you...


1. ATI MACH32 Graphics Ultra Problem and Xconfig

        I'm a new linux user, and I'm trying to get X to come up on
        my system.  I'm using the x8514new server instead of the
        Xfree86 one to get better performance.  Anyway, I tried using
        the Xconfig included in the tar file, and it sorta comes up in
        1024x768 mode.  The problem is that when I move an xterm to
        the right side of the screen, the whole screen in the band between
        the top and bottom of the xterm turns black.  I figure I've got
        some sort of Xconfig problem, and after poking around the
        news group, and re checking the faq's again, I tried some different
        frequency settings.  Unfortunately, the changes I made didn't affect

        Anyway, I'm running on a 486 DX with 8megs, an ATI graphics Ultra,
        an Orchestra 15" SVGA monitor, under the linux.99pl9 kernel, and
        the x8514new X server.  Any help is appreciated.  Sorry if I'm
        missing something obvious.


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