Bug in Slackware's 2.0 cmdtool/shelltool?

Bug in Slackware's 2.0 cmdtool/shelltool?

Post by Sandra Guill » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 01:42:50

Hello everyone,

        I just upgraded to Slackware 2.0.0 from my Slackwere 1.1.0
installation (done with bootdisk&rootdisk + pkgtool&setup ) and everything
worked fine except that I get strange input/putput redirections of input to
and output from Shelltools and CommandTools (shelltool & cmdtool Openwin
Utilities ).

        I installed the bundled 1.1.18 kernel that came with Slackware
2.0 and I am using olvwm with Xfree 2.1.1. Everything is working fine.

Description of Problem:
        Whenver an opened shelltool or commandtool is receiveing a lot of
scrolling (I can reproduce the problem by doing a: "ls -lR /dos" ), it
stops responding to given commands once it return to the prompt. Instead,

* If the command causing excessive scrolling was typed in a commandtool,
commands are just echoed to the /dev/ttyp* of the command tool and on
/dev/tty1 (console) I get messages like: "ioctl: not a typewriter" (when
pressing CTRL-C) and "ttysw_sigwinch, can't get tty process group: not a

* If the command was typed in a shelltool, commands do not appear in the
shelltool but are simply echoed to /dev/tty1.

Has anyone a similar problem? Or, even better, a fix for this problem? :)
I would really apreciate a little help about this since I am lost here
and maybe that strange input/output direction will be familiar to
someone. Should I upgrade to a newer kernel or downgrade to 1.0.9?
I will post a summary if I ever find a way to solve this annoying problem
and if someone is interested. Thanks for reading this.

Sandra Guillet, Computer Engineering


1. Problem with tcsh,zsh and Sun 4.1.1 OW 2.0 shelltool,cmdtool

I recently installed zsh 2.3.1 and tcsh 6.0.1 on several systems,
including HP 9000/300s HPUX 7.0, HP9000/800s HPUX 8.0 and Sun3
SunOS 4.1.1.  I have no problem combining either shell with X11R3
and X11R4 on the HPs or the Suns.  However, I'm experiencing
problems with trying to use either shell as the login shell and
starting up OpenWindows 2.0.

The problem is somewhat intermittent (I got it to work once out
of about 10 tries. :-) ).  What happens is that I start up a
cmdtool console and a shelltool (as well as perfmeters, calendar
and clock) in .openwin-init.  Everything except the cmdtool and
shelltool comes up fine.  Sometimes one or the other will succeed
at random but usually both of them seem to get caught in a loop
and sit there racking up CPU time.  The CPU time is on the OW tool,
not the shell.  The tools keep running after I exit OW and log out
and I have to log back in and do "kill -9" manually.

Thinking that something in the /etc configuration files might be the
problem, I also tried removing all configuration files and tried it
again with the same result.

Has anyone seen this before?  I checked the zsh FAQ and the zsh-list
archives looking for a clue.  The posters in zsh-list seem to have
trouble with cmdtool once it's up but I didn't find any reference
to a problem getting OW to come up from zsh.  I would have looked
in tcsh archives too, but I'm not aware of any.

I suspect there may be a patch I'm missing or a parameter I need
to add in .openwin-init when I start up the shelltool or mailtool.
These are the relevant lines from .openwin-init:

shelltool -Wp 535 198 -Ws 593 461 -WP 237 833 +Wi -fg "Black" -bg "Wheat"   &
cmdtool -Wp 38 248 -Ws 716 574 -WP 36 120 +Wi -fg "Black" -bg "Wheat"  -C   &

I hope somebody can suggest something.  At this point I'm ready to
modify /usr/openwin/bin/openwin so that it won't come up if the user
has a login shell of zsh or tcsh. :-(

Please send email and I'll summarize if anyone asks.  It's not that
I'm too lazy to read the groups, but the weekend is coming and we
currently expire articles pretty quickly.

Thanks in Advance.


                    The George Washington University    (202) 994-6853          

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