Xconfig for ATI Ultra Pro VL-Bus 2Mb VRam

Xconfig for ATI Ultra Pro VL-Bus 2Mb VRam

Post by Steve Cobr » Fri, 17 Sep 1993 10:43:42

Hi Folks,

  I'm just getting my 486 beastie together, and need the Xconfig
  details for the VGA card I'm using, ie. ATI Ultra Pro VL-Bus 2Mb
  VRam. Could anybody please help me?

  I've just got running version 0.99pl12 (thanks Colin!)



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1. Elsa Winner 1000 and XS3, ATI Ultra Pro 2MB VL with X8514

Hi !

I'm searching for some information about the S3-driver for
XFree86 1.2 and linux. Does this server work together with
an Elsa Winner 1000 (S3-chip 86C928) in an Eisa-Slot or in
a VL-Bus-Slot ?
Are there any problems known with this combination ?

Another question: Does anybody have practical knowledge about  
an ATI Ultra Pro 2MB Vesa LocalBus card working together with
the X8514-driver in an Eisa-Computer ?

Answers by mail or news are welcome.

Thanks in advance

        Bernd Patolla

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