XFREE 2.1 and S3-864 or ALG 2301A graphics cards...?

XFREE 2.1 and S3-864 or ALG 2301A graphics cards...?

Post by Gerald Rist » Wed, 03 Aug 1994 00:36:24

Hi Linuxer,
  I am intending to buy a Pentium PCI system and wonder if XFREE 2.1 supports
any of the following video cards in resolutions 1024x768 or higher?

 Name                  Chipset
 SPEA V7-Vega Plus     ALG 2301A
 SPEA V7-Mirage P64    S3-864
 MIRO Crystal 20SD     S3-864

I heard the rumour that there was a bug in the S3-864 driver and a hidden
bugfix (?) somewhere.

So long,
         Gerald Ristow


1. Driver for MIRO 20DV / S3-864 graphic card ???


I am looking for an driver an an

  MIRO 20DV PCI-graphic card.

It has an S3-864 graphic chip with 2 MB video RAM and it is very fast...
If somebody has an patch from an exisiting driver or a new driver for that
card, please email me!
I want - of course - that driver to run XFree ;)

Thanks in advance...


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