SOLUTION: slack 1.1.2 installation problem

SOLUTION: slack 1.1.2 installation problem

Post by Anton To » Mon, 07 Mar 1994 15:46:29

i just solved (kinda) a problem that some people seemed to have:
linux would freak out at installation floppies.

i dunno why (it's prbably a bug) but linux *HATES* floppies (or maybe
just msdos floppies?) it simply doesnt read data right. i tried the following
thing: while in setup on 1st console, i used 2nd console to copy the
"corrupted" files somewhere to linux partition from mouted floppy;
now then, if you manually umount it and then mount it back again and
compare (with cmp) what you have just copied with the disk original
(again, it'll b read from the same floppy), they'll be different (!!!!!!!)

so, conclusion is: you CANT rely on floppies! instead, use dos to
copy files from linux floppies to your dos HD partition (they have
to be in directoes with names corresponding to floppies; for instance,
it can be: C:\TEMPORAL\I_DUNNO\LINUX\A1 - of it only A1 has to be as it
is, e.g. LINUX.A1 will not do, it has to A1, no matter where; now, the entire
set(s) you are installing at the same time has to be on the same tree level,
wherever it is)

then, before running setup, mount your dos partition with the following

cd / ; mkdir dostmp               <- anything will do for "dostmp"; the thing
                                     is that you'll have to type it in, so
                                     keep it simple.
mount -t msdos /dev/hda1 /dostmp  <- replace "/dev/hda1" with the partition
                                     where you copied your floppies;

that's all to it; if you want to browse, go for it; just cd into /dostmp and
have fun looking around your dos partition!

the last thing, when you enter setup (i use colrlite) choose "hasddrive
partition" as your source media; when it asks you where it's all located,
just say like:
/dostmp/temporal/i_dunno/linux          <- notice the case change; linux
                                           uses lowercase for dos things

P.S. if you run into any problems, let me know; i'll try to help you.



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