HD read_intr error: KERNEL PANIC?

HD read_intr error: KERNEL PANIC?

Post by Mark Rejh » Tue, 18 Jan 1994 15:40:43

(...deleted some redundant lines above here...)
HD: read_intr: status = 0x59
HD: read_intr: error = 0x40
HD: read_intr: status = 0x59
HD: read_intr: error = 0x40
HD: read_intr: status = 0x59
HD: read_intr: error = 0x40
dev 0302        sector 163852
Kernel Panic: EXT2-fs panic (device 3/2); ext2_read_inode: unable to read i-node
block inode=19973, block=81296

An error message like this, keeps occuring with exactly the same error
numbers, device, sector, inode block number...  While I am running
Linux and when I type certain commands or such!

e2fsck, 0.3 or 0.4a, no matter which I tried and which options I
attempted (including scan for bad blocks) won't fix this problem...

I think I created this bad block when I hit the RESET button after
a program crashed in X ....and I waited as long as 20 minutes waiting
for the disk light to go out.  (I tried to figure out how to reboot
safely since the mouse was not even responding, I could not type any
commands, nor I could switch VC's!)  Seemed like it was locked into
endless swapping or something..    The damage appears to be magnetic
and not physical, so it can be fixed by reformatting..

I am running a 386DX-40 with 8MB RAM and a Seagate ST3290-A 260 megabyte
hard disk... Partitioned into three partitions which are 85MB DOS/175MB
Linux/10MB Swap.  

Help!  Do I have to reformat my hard disk?  (Kiss my nice Linux
setup goodbye, unless I backup as much as I can onto floppies!)    
Is there a way to low-level format the track that this bad sector is
on?  (Even a DOS utility will do)  Please Email to this account.


1. read_intr errors, but badblocks doesn't help... kernel panics...

I keep getting errors like:

hda: read_intr status=0x59 {DriveReady SeekComplete DataRequest Error}
hda: read_intr status=0x40 {UncorrectableError}, LBAsect=475816, sector=5080

The LBAsector and sector seem limited to several recurring numbers,
but i have reformated, used mke2fs (with -c), used badblocks (including
with -w), and e2fsck (-f multiple times)...  still my /usr partition
gives me these errors...  ext2 fs obviously...

What i want to know is:  Is there some method to get from

LBAsector, sector --> bad blocknumber

So i can munually add them to my badblocks list...
Is there some faq/whatever i've missed about this topic?
What is a good source of info on how to use badblocks, e2fsck and
so forth?

I'm using kernel 1.2.13 with slakware...
My disk drive is a CFS1275A



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