Help with Dial-in

Help with Dial-in

Post by AOI Trav » Mon, 27 Mar 1995 09:11:30

        Here I am stuck again trying to get a dial-in to work. If anybody
has had this problem before, you probally know what I am talking about.
Here is the information. Any help would be very helpfull. We are trying
to do a dial-in so one could access us.

Hardware: Supra 28.8k v.34 modem
          Cyclades 8y card
          486 dx 2-80
Software: Linux 1.2.1

here is our inittab file:

d1:45:respawn:/sbin/uugetty 38400 ttyC1

here is our gettydefs file

#  Modem locked at 38400:

#  Modem that autobauds to different speeds, terminal locked at 9600, etc:
#       - SANE includes CS8 ISTRIP HUPCL
#       - DON'T USE SANE or ECHO for initial config!!!!!

2400# B2400 CS8 # B2400 SANE -ISTRIP #login: #2400

1200# B1200 CS8 # B1200 SANE -ISTRIP #login: #1200

Here is our uugetty default file for uugetty

INIT="" ATS0=1\r OK

        When I dial in, the modem just shows ring, I am using the modems
side by side, and no answer. I can go in to the modem and set it to at
s0=1 and it will pick up and answer but no login prompt. It will also
only answer at 9600/arq.

        I set the modem string to atE0V0Q1 to set up the modem.

Here is also our rc.serial sting for the modem

${SETSERIAL} /dev/cub1 auto_irq skip_test spd_hi

        It is not answering at 28.8.

        Any help would be great. I also have a Southwest airlines $25 off
coupon if anyone would like it. Just email me and I will send it out. I
only have one.

        TIA for any help. If I get this thing running, I will put up a
FAQ for others trying to get the Cyclades card working on our web site.



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I am new to the Linux community and I need to be able to dial in
to my machine. I need help! via E-MAIL PLEASE

Please do not email me at this address that I am sending from
BECAUSE I can not respond to you.

thanks for time
Matthew S. Bailey

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