SLIP - slow

SLIP - slow

Post by Mark Huiz » Fri, 10 Dec 1993 23:13:15

I remember there were some discussions on the slowness of SLIP in some
Linux-versions... At that time I had no trouble with SLIP...
Recently I upgraded to 0.99pl13 (slack 1.1.0) and SLIP became very
slow... Especially the time needed to connect to another machine was
huge (think in minutes :-)
Could anybody please mail me a solution to this problem?



1. Help - slow,slow, slip,slip, slow

        I'm trying to connect to the Net using Linux.

        Everything works fine in Windows..14.4k,Cslip

        When I connect using Dip/Slip it's VERY SLOW.

        Ping to local ISP host 300ms using Windows...

        about 12secs using Linux and a lot of errors

        (lost pkts). The modem has a 16550A uart,connects

        at 14400 Rel LAPM ok and I've the speed set to 38400

        in Dip....(stty shows speed 38400 and crtscts set)

        Any advice/help would be appreciated.

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