Help getting TCP/IP & Telnet to work?

Help getting TCP/IP & Telnet to work?

Post by Herb Rosenbe » Mon, 09 May 1994 17:46:34

I have Linux (Ygdrassil release) with a 3com 3c503 that I have been
trying for 2 days to get working.  I am trying to get the Linux box to
communicate with another PC running LAN Workplace for DOS.  They are the
only machines on this local ethernet segment.

I have reinstalled LInux twice, and played around with a bunch of
configuration files, but can't seem to figure this out.  I have looked at
the NET2-HOWTO but it doesn't seemed to exactly apply to this Ygdrassil

If anyone could please provide the specific steps to take to get this
configured, I would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.



1. Help getting TCP/IP and Telnet to Work?

I have Linux (ygdrassil release) and I have been trying for 2 days to get
TCP/IP and Telnet to work on a local etherment segement just connecting 1
PC and the linux box.  I am using 3com 3c503 cards, and I have installed
Linux twice, but can't seem to get the machines to talk to each other.  I
have read the NET-HOWTO but that doesn't seem to exactly apply to the
ygdrassil release.

If there is anyone out there that might be able to offer a step by step
suggestion on how to get this installed, for a real unix newbie, I would
be greatly appreciative.



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