Post by Degang » Wed, 16 Nov 1994 04:04:16

Hello everybody! I asked a password question, thanks everyboy for your answer.
I have serval more questions I would like to ask you about.
First of all, I installed Linux from SLK distribution in
The installation went fine, but I do have some questions:

1. I have an Epson Action 3250 and a OKIDATA (HP II Compatiable) printers.
   I was trying to set the printer up, but never did. How should I do it?

2. The X window display is allright except the desktop is not quite right.
   It is narrow, i.e., there are big spaces left on top and bottom of the

3. I was using dip to run slip, I do not have a static IP address, what
   should I do?

4. I mounted my DOS on LINUX, if I copy some ASCII file from dos to LINUX,
   or from LINUX to DOS, I get strange characters, how do I get rid of them?

5. Last but not the least, how do I make the terminal display color?

   I have more question to ask, but those here (1 and 3) are more impotant,
I will ask the rest in some other time.

   If possible, please e-mail me.

   Degang Ma