Can Linux recognize two Adaptec 1742A SCSI cards?

Can Linux recognize two Adaptec 1742A SCSI cards?

Post by Carlos J. Talb » Fri, 18 Feb 1994 04:17:06


I just recently downloaded the slackware distribution of linux 0.99pl15
off of sunsite and tried booting the scsi configuration disk.
Unfortunately Linux would only recognize the first adaptec card and
wouldn't detect the second.

Here's a list of the hardware:

ALR Evolution V Pentium 60mhz
(2) Adaptec 1742A SCSI cards
ALR IDE controller
WD 40meg IDE drive
Micropolis 1528 (1.2gig) (SCSI 1)
Micropolis 1578 (316meg) (SCSI 1)
Micropolis 1588 (636meg) (SCSI 1)
Seagate external ST1200N (1gig) (SCSI 2)
Nec CD-84 (SCSI 1)
Exabyte 8500 Tape Drive (SCSI 2)
32 Megs RAM

This is how the scsi cards are configured:

1st 1742A
  - Microp 1528
  - Microp 1578
  - Exabyte 8500

2nd 1742a
  - Microp 1588
  - Seagate ST1200N

I've been running with this configuration under FreeBSD (and 386bsd) for
the past few months without any problems. When I place the two adaptec
cards into standard mode (which I realize won't work under Linux) and boot
with the Linux scsi boot disk it would detect the first adaptec, disable
it, dectect the second, then disable it. So I'm wondering if the autoprobe
feature just disregards any more 1742A's after succesfully finding one in
enhanced mode. Is this true? And if so any way of overriding it within the
kernal? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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I'm a Linux newbie and would greatly appreciate any help anyone can
provide on this.  I'm trying to install Mandrake 6.1 on a new system
with a SCSI CD ROM drive (Toshiba 3701).  I have an adaptec 1505 ISA
card which worked fine under windows.  I boot from the floppy when I get
to the SCSI adapter screen I select Adaptec 152x.  Autoprobe fails to
detect the card, as is expected since the 1505 card has no BIOS.  When I
try "specify options" and type "aha152x=0x340,9,7,1" the CD ROM does
light up briefly but the install program reports "can't find device
anywhere on your system."

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