Need help with Taylor UUCP

Need help with Taylor UUCP

Post by Michael A. Nea » Thu, 28 Jul 1994 09:18:43

Hello all!!!

Well my boss and I have been trying to complete our UUCP
  connection for the past two days.  After hours upon hours
  of fun and exciting (ha!ha!) hacking we have run into a
  little snag.

    Let me tell what we want to happen.  We would like our
      LINUX machine to process our email and CNEWS coming in
      from the net.  From there we would like our gateway BBS
      e-mail to be tranfered to another site via a UUCP link.

    We are using Slackware 2.0, Kernal 1.0.9.  The UUCP package
      we chose is Taylor UUCP v1.05.  We are using MGETTY v0.20
      for our modem link.

    Here is a small clip of MGETTY's login.conf file...

START -----------------
# login.config

END -------------------

    And here are some clips of the Taylor config files...

START -----------------
nodename linux

passwdfile /usr/lib/uucp/taylog_config/passw
portfile /usr/lib/uucp/taylog_config/ports
dialfile /usr/lib/uucp/taylog_config/dial
passwdfile /usr/lib/uucp/taylog_config/passwd

unknown commands rmail
unknown receive-request no
unknown pubdir /usr/spool/uucppublic
unknown remote-send ~

sysfile  /usr/lib/uucp/taylog_config/sys

logfile /usr/lib/uucp/uucp.log
statfile /usr/lib/uucp/uucp.stat
debugfile /usr/lib/uucp/uucp.debug
debug all

hdb-files false

START -----------------
uuful praco

START -----------------
port port0
type modem
device /dev/ttyS0
dialer hayes
speed 38400

START -----------------
call-login *
call-password *
called-login uuful

local-send /
remote-send ~

port port0

system uuful

   But we are unable to complete a connection with our
     remote-DOS UUCP program.  The remote system attempts to
     logon with user 'uuful' and password 'praco' but the
     connection always fails.  On the DOS end a message comes
     up saying that it is 'waiting for remote identification'.
     and on my end (LINUX box) the UUCP debug file is as

START -----------------
uucp - DEBUG: fconn_open: Opening stdin port (default speed)
uucp - DEBUG: fsserial_open: Baud rate is 38400
uucp - DEBUG: flogin_prompt: Waiting for login
uucp - DEBUG: fconn_write: Writing 9 "Password:"
uucp - DEBUG: zget_typed_line: Got "praco\r"
uucp - ERROR: Bad login
uucp - DEBUG: fconn_close: Closing connection
uucp - DEBUG: Forked; old PID 190, new pid 194
uucp - DEBUG: Forking /usr/lib/uucp/uuxqt
uucp - DEBUG: zsysdep_get_xqt: Found ERRLOG in top directory
uucp - DEBUG: zsysdep_get_xqt: Found LOGFILE in top directory
uucp - DEBUG: zsysdep_get_xqt: Found SYSLOG in top directory
uucp - DEBUG: zsysdep_get_xqt: Found LCK..ttyS0 in top directory
uucp - DEBUG: zsysdep_get_xqt: Found LCK.XQT.0 in top directory
END -------------------

What's going on?  Can someone help?  I dont know if the '\r'
  character is causing problem, I wouldn't think, would it?
  It's suppose to compare to password 'praco' not 'praco\r'...

Some stable configuration files would be greatly appreciated.

After this fun stuff, I'm going to do some really cool stuffs!!!
                    (SENDMAIL configuration)

I am using a friends account, could you send any replies to one of the
following email addresses.  Thanks...



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