xhtalk, xhchat ??

xhtalk, xhchat ??

Post by Benjamin Alm » Sun, 04 Sep 1994 05:38:09

does anyone out there have xhtalk & xhchat together, compiled? i have
both, but neither will compile on my system - i keep getting
compile errors in xhtalk.o with _yywrap....... i have no idea what it

also, when i use xhtalk, after a while, it's finger routine goes <zombie> on
me, and i have to kill it and rerun it - i was wondering if this can be
fixed ??????????

please email any responses, thanks!


Linux 1.1.47 + XFree386-2.1.1, Slackware 2.0 on an i486 DX/2-66 with 20mb RAM
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